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We are an American Corporation focused to give the best services and supply in the Industrial and office requirements. 

 Our challenge is to find directly the Manufacturer or main Distributor to give the best relation in price/ benefit to keep our Customers satisfied and confident.

With our Technical Staff we are able to give the best support to find the materials and solutions that satisfy your requirements.

                                              HOW DO WE KEEP

                                          OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFIED?

 1. We identify customer needs. This includes specifications, consumptions, volume, and lead times.

 2. Find out the best material and manufacturer to get the best quality and cost.

 3. Quote to the customer including shipment cost.

4. Place the order with our Supplier, and is done all the logistic process to delivery before the due date that was offered.

 5. Always we are working to get a chain supply easy between Customers and Suppliers in order that we can work with blanket orders where the customer will be able to work with a minimum inventory and we can guarantee deliveries just in time.